Kirpal Ruhani Foundation

Kirpal Ruhani Foundation as the name implies , is a center for imparting purely spiritual teachings and training to mankind, irrespective of class barriers such as caste, colour, creed , sect, age or education. As nature offers its bounties of light, water, air etc. freely to one and all, so is Spirituality offered free to all who are anxious for Self-knowledge and God-knowledge.

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Sant Kirpal Singh - Spiritual Shabds (Hindi) - CHD-005
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Sant Kirpal Singh - H-126: Man Re Maan Bachan Ik Mera - Swami Ji (Hindi) - CHD-004
Manav Kendra, Dehradun: Sawan Ashram, Delhi-30 Jul,1974, Indian Parliament-1 Aug,1974, Sawan Ashram, Delhi-5 Aug,1974
Sant Kirpal Singh - Shabd Gurbani : Pita Kirpal Agya eh Deeni and others- CHD-002
Sawan Ashram- 30 July, 1974: Naam Daan- 29 July, 1974, Indian Parliament- 1 Aug, 1974 and Sawan Ashram- 5 Aug, 1974
Sant Kirpal Singh - General Satsang (Hindi) - CHD-001
Delhi Nursing Home-1971, Namdhari Dera (Punjab), Unity of Man Conference-1974

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